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Zerust Vapor Capsules | Anti-Corrosion Solution for Electricity Panels

There are a lot of ways to protect metal from corrosion, but the most common way is to layer the metal with a special compound that protects the metal from reacting with air and vapor - in other words, repainting the metal.

But what if the corroded product is an electrical device or electronic in an electricity panel? Is it paintable? The answer is no, so what’s the solution?

One of the most effective way to protect electrical devices in an electrical panel is by using Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor or VCI.

Zerust® Vapor Capsules

As a pioneer in VCI technology, Zerust has a lot of products - one of them the Zerust Vapor Capsule which is specifically designed to protect metal from corrosion in the most hard to reach places.

The Zerust Vapor Capsule product is shaped like a capsule and contains VCI that can be used to protect electrical devices inside an electrical panel.

Mencegah Karat Pada Panel Listrik

By placing these vapor capsules inside the electrical panels, the VCI compound will immediately spread inside the panel and protect the devices from corrosion.

Advantages of Zerust Vapor Capsules

There are three advantages of the Zerust Vapor Capsules :

First,It’s ease of use by simply removing the adhesive and sticking it on the electrical panel

Second,Competitive price point - it has the ability to protect the area around the electrical panel from corrosion, even in the hard to reach places.

Third,It has no smell and is safe around humans so it won’t harm anyone who works around the area.

Zerust Vapor Capsules can protect electrical panels for up to two years - duration will change based on capsule size and environment. Below are the sizes of each Zerust Vapor Capsules as well as the protection radius and duration.

Type Zerust Vapor Capsules

Watch the video below to learn more about the technology and use of Zerust Vapor Capsules.

Application examples of Zerust Vapor Capsule on electrical panels.

For technical information on this product, please download the documents below:

(1) Zerust Vapor Capsules Infosheet
(2) How to Install Zerust Diffusers

Available Zerust Products in Indonesia

To learn more about ZERUST’s products specific to your needs, please contact Chemindo Interbuana - Zerust Indonesia’s principal at (62-21) 581-8570 or click the WhatsApp button below.